A note about Bluetooth communication with DUALEM instruments.

DUALEM sensors beginning with serial number (SN) 118, and SN116, incorporate Class 2 Bluetooth (BT) hardware to communicate wirelessly using the BT-firmware Serial Port Profile (SPP).

For a device to communicate with the sensor, it must have BT hardware version 2.1 (or later) with SPP. Your communicating device might be a handheld computer with BT, a PC with a BT dongle, an Android phone, etc. (iPhones and iPads cannot communicate, due to their restrictions.)

When your communicating device has established a link with the BT in your DUALEM sensor, the SPP emulates a standard RS-232 serial connection (but with a maximum baud-rate of 460k instead of 115k). The sensor sends measurements and other text to both the BT port and the serial port, so the T LED (beside the connector on the endcap) flashes.

Text sent from your communicating device will have the same effect as text received through the serial port, except that the R LED will not flash. You might find BT communication particularly useful for uploading data from the internal logger as quickly as possible, or for streaming a full complement of NMEAcompliant sentences at a high output-rate. High-rate communication might be possible over a distance of only several metres, depending on obstructions and ambient noise.

(Updated 2014-07)

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