Introduction to Dualem instruments

DUALEM instruments measure terrain conductivity, detect shallowly buried objects of high conductivity and, in special conditions, measure the magnetic susceptibility of terrain.

Dualem manual

The manual contains instructions for operating DUALEM Serial Number 0, in configurations with either 2-m (DUALEM-2) or 4-m (DUALEM-4) separation between its transmitter and receivers.


DUUPLOAD is a program that formats and transfers data from the internal memory of a DUALEM sensor via an RS-232 port to a Windows computer. The current version is 5.0.

Dualem Roll Test

The test is useful for perpendicular (PRP) arrays of any length; for horizontal coplanar (HCP) arrays the height of the test should be at least twice the length of the longest HCP array. Thus, the test is most popular for the DUALEM-1S and DUALEM-1HS.


DUALEM sensors beginning with serial number (SN) 118, and SN116, incorporate Class 2 Bluetooth (BT) hardware to communicate wirelessly using the BT-firmware Serial Port Profile (SPP).


A bibliography of papers relevant to DUALEM instruments.


A glossary of geophysical terms commonly used with DUALEM instruments.

GPS Datum Indices

Numeric codes for the Earth Datums useable with the GPS receivers internal to DUALEM instruments.

Metal Detection

The suitability of the DUALEM-1S for metal detection, and its compatibility with a magnetometer.

Motorized GPS Surveying

Practical suggestions and some examples of equipment for surveying large areas with a motor vehicle and GPS.

Serial Port Program

Description of the use of Termite, a freeware serial port program for use with Windows.

Case Studies

4m Multiple Array Examples

Introduction, examples and a simulation of surveying with a 4-m DUALEM with multiple arrays.

Environmental Mapping

Mapping sites of environmental contamination with a dual-geometry electromagnetic (EM) system.

Landfill Plume

Profiling the depth and conductivity of a landfill plume.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Compatibility

Compatibility Tests for the DUALEM-1S and Noggin SmartCart* GPR

Layering analysis to 10m Depth

Multi-geometry EM Sounding of a Freshwater Lagoon.


Levee imaging with a DUALEM-642S and GPR.

Pipeline Detection

DUALEM-421 measurements over a 30″ steel pipeline buried below 1m.

Septic Field

Monitoring a failed septic field with DUALEM-2 conductivity.


EM Induction

Electromagnetic Induction: Operation and Interpretation, especially at Low Induction Numbers.

Geometric EM

A history of the development and applications of geometric-sounding EM instruments.

Vertical Sounding

Analysis of conductive layering by vertical sounding.

Dualem Products

DUALEM products are used by companies and universities on every continent. Our products fulfill a variety of use-cases in industry and academia.

DUALEM products are made in Canada and ship worldwide